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Shepherd High SchoolShepherd, MTWomen's Basketball
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ClubCrafted Basketball
Primary PositionSmall Forward
Secondary PositionPower Forward
Dominant HandRight
Bench Press135
Field Goal %41.9


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Personal Statement

I am a hard worker who is very coachable and will always give you my best effort, both academically and athletically.  I have a drive to succeed in whatever I do and am always working to better myself.  

I am a strong post player who can play either side, spin in either direction, and finish with either hand. My goal is to become better at dribble-drives and pull up jumpers to become a triple-threat small forward.  I also feel like I'm a lockdown defender, working to slide my feet and protect the perimeter against ball handlers, and using my strength to establish position and keep taller players away from the basket. 

I am an unselfish player who believes in TEAM basketball, eager to work with players who see the floor and give their best for their teammates. I'd like to play for a program with a growth mindset that actively develops its players and has coaches who will help me transform into the best player I can possibly be. 

Finally, I love to learn--both on the court and in the classroom.  I am a strong student (3.919 cumulative GPA) who is involved in the National Honors Society, FCCLA, and serving as the vice president of my class. I'm considering a major in pre-law or criminology, but haven't firmly decided. Essentially, I want an affordable education that will broaden my horizons and ensure I'm well prepared for whatever the future might bring, a college experience that is engaging and fulfilling. 


Rina Gottula


High School Information

  • Years w/ Varsity
  • 3 years
  • Varsity Starter
  • 1 years
  • 2023 Varsity Team
     - Jersey: #50
  • 2022 Varsity Team
  • Jersey: #50
  • Individual Awards
  • Academic All-State
  • 2021 Varsity Team
  • Jersey: #50
  • Individual Awards
  • Academic All-State & Most Improved Player

Club Information

  • Seasons of Club Experience
  • 3 seasons
  • 2024 Crafted Basketball (AAU)
  • May 31-June 1: Idaho Prep Tournament in Pocatello, ID July 12-15 EOT in Seal Beach California July 19-21 EOT Roseville, California
  • 2023 Crafted Basketball Montana - White (AAU)
  • 2022 Crafted Basketball (AAU)
  • C R A F T E D B A S K E T B A L L P L A Y E R E V A L U A T I O N AREAS OF STRENGTH: Rina Gottula NAME Rina was an absolute pleasure to coach this summer! I think this season was very beneficial for Rina in so many ways. Rina utilized the AAU season for its exact purpose…to grow and learn. This summer helped her gain a better knowledge of basketball, play against good competition, helped her realize areas where she needed improvement and more importantly, she gained valuable experience. I am excited to watch Rina’s upcoming high school season. I really loved having Rina on the Crafted team this summer. Thank you for letting me work with her! SEASON 1. She Wants To Get Better: Rina is rare in that she says she wants to get better, but is genuinely willing to do the work to get better. She is an extremely hard-working player that isn't afraid to put in the time to improve. A player that wants to learn is my favorite kind of player! Rina always keep that desire to improve, it will take you far in basketball and in life. 2. Improved Bball IQ: Rina came in with a basic foundation of basketball, but I can confidently say she left with a higher basketball IQ. She now understands how much more there is to basketball and how much more technical the game is. The more she plays, the more she will learn. The more details that Rina can be armed with the better she will be! 3. Rina Plays So Hard: One of my favorite things about Rina is that she plays extremely hard! Rina is going into a game or practice to make an impact not to just stand around. If we can combine her amazing hustle with the detail side of basketball it will be the perfect combo for Rina. Rina always make sure to keep your hustle going and try to be contagious for your team! 4. Potential: Rina has so much potential. After working with her, I realized that Rina has tremendous upside. She is strong, smart, driven and coachable, but just needs a little help in a few areas. Once Rina sharpens these areas and continues to learn more about basketball she will really be a good little player! C R A F T E D B A S K E T B A L L P L A Y E R E V A L U A T I O N AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT: 1. Finishing: Because Rina is so aggressive, she gets many looks around the basket via post moves, rebounds and dump offs. The biggest thing Rina needs to work on is to convert those opportunities to scores. Rina this summer struggled with finishing around the basket. There are a couple of contributing factors to this struggle: 1. Eyes are down when approaching the basket, especially on the last dribble before the shot. 2. Not keeping her eyes on the basket for the entire shot-she takes her eyes away too early. 3. She either under dribbles to take a lay-up way too far out or over dribbles and buries herself under the basket too deep. 4. Body positioning: shoulders should be parallel to the basket - not opened up or falling away. In addition to the regular lay-ups, Rina needs to add 3 back to basket finishes (examples: hook, Shaq and Kobe). On post moves she needs to remind herself to slow down (go on a 1-2-3 count, read the defense then make her move with her eyes up. We have to get away from predetermining what move we are going to do. 2. Shooting Form: Rina and I have talked in length about her shooting form. There are some things that must change on her shot in order for her to be ready for this upcoming season. She currently knows what to work on with her shot. These changes need to be repped out thousands of times for it to be the new normal for her. Rina has a real opportunity to expand her game if she gets her mid-range jump shot going. 3. Carry Over (Put Full Focus & Mind Into Changes): I have found that Rina is very hard wired ☺. She wants to make changes or implement things into her game but many times she doesn't focus on the change or the new skill and that is when her hard wiring kicks in. Many players that don't make changes are stubborn but that is not the case for Rina. I think Rina just needs to put more focus into the change to help override her hard wiring. Working with her we need to keep working through specific ways to stay focused to execute. I also think the more we rep or gain experience with things the more confident she will become. Confidence is everything to Rina! 4. Strength & Conditioning: Rina is naturally a very strong girl, but I think she could become an absolute nightmare if she got in a strength and conditioning program. I would recommend a Crossfit program if possible. The Crossfit program is an intense workout that requires strength/cardio/core. I think Crossfit would be far more beneficial than any team or school program just because of the intensity and the results I have seen from many players doing it. I also recommend that she keeps this training program going year-round. She could be an unbelievable force down below with her new tools and added strength.

Coach References

  • High School Coach
  • Becky Anderson
  • High School Head Coach
  • Becky Anderson
  • Club Coach
  • Jenny Herringer
  • High School Assistant Coach
  • Kayleen Schultz
  • Private Coach
  • Jordan Hasquet


  • Camp/Event
  • EOT
  • 7/19/24 to 7/21/24
  • Camp/Event
  • EOT
  • 7/12/24 to 7/15/24
  • Camp/Event
  • Idaho Prep Tournament
  • 5/31/24 to 6/01/24
  • Camp/Event
  • EOT Summer Finale Showcase
  • 7/20/23 to 7/24/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Jam On It West Coast Championship
  • 7/13/23 to 7/16/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Montana State University
  • 6/21/23 to 6/23/23
  • Camp/Event
  • MSU-Billings Tournament
  • 6/09/23 to 6/11/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Power 2 Play
  • 6/03/23 to 6/04/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Power2Play
  • 6/02/23 to 6/04/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Idaho Prep Tournament
  • 5/12/23 to 5/13/23
  • Camp/Event
  • Gold Crown Spring Classic
  • 5/06/23 to 5/07/23
  • Camp/Event
  • MT Class B Divisional Basketball Tournament
  • 3/01/23 to 3/04/23
  • Our team placed 3rd in Districts and made it to the Divisional Tournament for the first time in over five years. I'm hoping to help us get to STATE!
  • Camp/Event
  • Hoop Nation Summer Finale
  • 7/29/22 to 7/31/22
  • Camp/Event
  • MSU-Billings Tournament
  • 7/22/22 to 7/24/22
  • Camp/Event
  • MSU-Billings Elite Camp
  • 7/20/22 to 7/22/22
  • Camp/Event
  • NBC BB Camp
  • 7/05/22 to 7/08/22
  • Layne Glaus, Camp Director
  • Camp/Event
  • Montana State University TEAM CAMP
  • 6/18/22 to 6/19/22
  • Camp/Event
  • Jam On It Big Mountain Jam Salt Lake City
  • 6/16/22 to 6/18/22
  • Camp/Event
  • Red Lodge Rendezvous Tournament
  • 6/04/22 to 6/04/22
  • One-day Tournament
  • Camp/Event
  • Shepherd Fillies (H.S. Team Camp)
  • 6/01/22 to 6/03/22
  • Coach Becky Anderson
  • Camp/Event
  • Jam On It Salt Lake City Super Showcase
  • 5/20/22 to 5/22/22
  • Camp/Event
  • Link All H.S. Games for 2023-2024


  • CRAFTED BASKETBALL with Jenny Herringer in Billings, MT
  • 3 years
  • Shooting, Post Work, Ballhandling, and Defensive Skills
  • AAU Coach's Scouting Report
  • 3 years
  • Defense- Rina really has become a very solid defender! I have been very impressed with her ability to defend the toughest post and also be able to switch out on to the fastest guard. Rina’s ability to move her feet and defend has been really impressive on the perimeter. Rina used her foot quickness and the technique of meeting posts earlier to really control her opponent’s position. Overall, really impressed with what Rina has achieved on the defensive end. She should be the defensive leader for Shepherd next year!Coachability- Rina is an absolute pleasure to coach. She wants to get better and will do whatever is asked of her. I never have to ask Rina to play harder or to work harder because she is competitor! She is a coach’s dream :). Even if Rina doesn't do the move or technique 100% correct, I love the fact that she is willing to absorb feedback and try to put it into action quickly. For most players feedback never sticks. Outside shot- Rina has made a huge improvement on her outside shot and free throws since last summer! She has worked hard on her form, and I can tell she feels more confident. Her ability to knock down that outside shot on a consistent basis will open up more opportunities for her to get more involved into Shepherd’s offense as well as make her a hard match up for post players.Confidence- There were many times this year that Rina looked so confident in what she was doing that it seemed like the game slowed down and she was able to really execute. Keep making progress in your confidence Rina! Remember Rina if you don't believe in yourself, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks or says. Confidence starts and ends with you!Using her post moves- I was very excited to not only to see Rina use more of the post moves we have worked on, but use them by making an appropriate read. Making an accurate read is the hardest part of the process and I was thrilled to see her make more correct reads! Once Rina commits confidently to the moves there will be very few people that will be able to stop her. The finishes will come, the reads are the most important part right now. I also want to encourage Rina to use her goal post arms to maintain her position in the poast and not use the Shepherd hand raise. Slow down- Rina has made progress in slowing down her process and executing, but I still saw times out on the floor where she was really rushing herself. Rina knows actually what she needs to do, she has the tools and is fully capable she just has to be able to execute on a more consistent basis. Rina is coming into her junior year and this is a very big season for her. She needs to flip the switch with her mindset and just go for it. She literally has everything she needs; she just needs to go do it! I know she can achieve her goals and be highly successful this year. I am just waiting for that consistent mindset to click. When she takes her time mentally and physically she is pretty automatic.Confidence- I would love to continue to see Rina grow her confidence in her abilities. Her aggressiveness is directly attached to her confidence. Rina has to believe in yourself!! If you don’t believe in yourself, all the skills, coaching, teammates, parents and teams don’t matter because if you don’t think you can and should then nothing else matters. You have an incredible opportunity ahead of you in Shepherd this upcoming season. Shepherd graduated their leaders and the spot is yours for the taking. You have to walk in and take it from other people that may try to grab that leadership role. Rina you would be a great person to lead Shepherd next year.Handling pressure- Overall every time the white team saw pressure, we had a tendency to struggle on handling it. I would encourage Rina to work on pivoting, ripping the ball from hip to hip and creating space to help handle pressure easier. When she takes her time and can create space she can find the outlet or look for her opportunity for her to score. Strength Training- One area that will make a huge impact in her game and career is improving her physical strength. If Rina wants to play a major in high school or play at the next level this is essential. Improving her physical strength would improve her sealing ability, her shooting ranging, her overall quickness, her defensive agility, and her ability to finish through contact. I am highly recommending to everyone in the Crafted Basketball program to make strength training a major part of their training routine moving forward. I personally recommend Crossfit- it is cardio, strength, agility, and toughness based. It is a quick/hard workout that really starts showing results fast if done correctly. I also believe that being in a consistent strength program will also help with injury prevention. If you need suggestions on quality places to train, please feel free to reach out.

Additional Sports

  • Track
  • 3 years
  • Varsity Team
  • Discuss--Qualified for State Meet; Shot Put


Rina has not added statistics yet.



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Test Scores

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High School Information

Phone(406) 373-5300

Academic Accomplishments

Are you in honor classes?
Yes. Honors English 1 & 2 AP Language as 11th Grader Geometry as a 9th Grader Algebra 2 as 10th Grader Trig/Pre-Calc as 11th Grader
Are you in AP/IB classes?
Yes. AP Language
Registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Awards and Activities

  • AwardsAll State Academic for Varsity Basketball (9th, 10th, 11th Grade)
  • ActivitiesNational Honors Society (10th, 11th) Student Council Vice President (9th, 10th, 11th) FCCLA (9th, 10th, 11th)

Contact Info

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